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Question 1: ________ reported that Muhammad said: "If you survive for a time you would certainly see people who would have whips in their hands like the tail of an ox.
Abd Allah ibn Mas'ud`Abd Allah ibn `AbbasAbdullah ibn SalamAbu Hurairah

Question 2: ________ Today (1965) by Charles C. Ryrie; The Moody Bible Institute of Chicago.
PremillennialismSecond ComingDispensationalismChristian eschatological differences

Question 3: Eschatology has also been a belief shared, sometimes theorized on, by ________.
AristotlePhilosophyDavid HumePolitical philosophy

Question 4: ________
Risks to civilization, humans and planet EarthHuman extinctionFamineOverpopulation

Question 5: [4] He was followed by Ibn al-Nafis[5] and Hegel with their philosophy of history, and, some (such as the author ________ in 'The Rebel') have argued, Karl Marx.
Albert CamusExistentialismJean-Paul SartreGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Question 6: Judaism addresses the End Times in the Book of Daniel and numerous other prophetic passages in the Hebrew scriptures, and also in the Talmud, particularly Tractate ________.
MishnahBava MetziaAvodah ZarahKodashim

Question 7: ________
Charlie CristMichael E. ArthNew UrbanismAlex Sink

Question 8: ________ is documented in the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad, regarding the Signs of the Day of Judgment.
Christian eschatologyApocalypticismIslamic theologyIslamic eschatology

Question 9: 'study of the last') is a part of theology and philosophy concerned with what are believed to be the final events in history, or the ultimate ________ of humanity, commonly referred to as the end of the world.

Question 10: The ________ (1983) by Hal Lindsey; The Aorist Corporation Bantam Books.
PremillennialismRaptureSecond ComingEnd time


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