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Question 1:
What role did Jill Esmond play in the movie Escape?
Brooke Howser
Grace Winton

Question 2:
Who played Shion the movie Escape?
Kay Lenz
Teresa Berkin
Kim Richards

Question 3:
What role did Teresa Berkin play in the movie Escape?
Grace Winton
Barbara Chilcoate
Samantha Barrett

Question 4:
What role did Stuart Galbraith IV play in the movie Escape?
Stuart Gailbraith
Ben Cowper
Jack Branch
Old Stuart

Question 5:
Who played Roommate the movie Escape?
Joshua Denhardt
Samuel Rosen
Rex Harrison
Horace Hodges

Question 6:
Who played Gilbert the movie Escape?
Huntz Hall
Horace Hodges
Conrad Veidt
Robert Taylor

Question 7:
What role did Timothy Bottoms play in the movie Escape?
Cameron Steele
Dwight Worker
Thomas Barrett
Fritz Keller

Question 8:
Who played Gentleman the movie Escape?
Horace Hodges
Christopher George
Gerald du Maurier
Samuel Rosen

Question 9:
Who played Simple Bill the movie Escape?
Hilarion Banks
Christopher George
Rex Harrison
Robert Taylor

Question 10:
Who played Nurse the movie Escape?
Edna Best
Teresa Berkin
Colleen Dewhurst

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