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Esarhaddon: Quiz


Question 1: The first military campaigns of Esarhaddon were directed against nomadic tribes of southern ________, the Dakkuri and Gambulu, who had been harassing the peasants.
SumerAkkadian EmpireMesopotamiaBabylonia

Question 2: He returned to the capital of ________ in forced marches and defeated his rival brothers in six weeks of civil war.

Question 3: The ________ under Khshathrita (Phraortes) had been the target of a campaign as well, the date of which is unclear (possibly before 676 BC).
MedesSeleucid EmpireSassanid EmpireAchaemenid Empire

Question 4: A preliminary campaign against ________ begun by Esarhaddon the next year seems to have failed.

Question 5: In 679 BC the Cimmerians, who had already killed his grandfather Sargon II, reappeared in ________ and Tabal under their new ruler Teushpa.

Question 6: Part of his army stayed behind to deal with rebellions in Tyre, and perhaps ________.

Question 7: In 669 BC, he went to Egypt in person, but suddenly died in autumn of the same year, in ________.

Question 8: Later, Assyrian hosts reached the border of the "salt-desert" near the mountain Bikni, that is, near ________.

Question 9: Esarhaddon remained crown prince, but was forced into exile at an unknown place beyond Hanilgalbat (Mitanni), that is, beyond the ________, most likely somewhere in what is now southeastern Turkey.
EuphratesIraqSumerAkkadian Empire

Question 10: In 673 BC, Esarhaddon waged war against Urartu under king Rusas II, which had strengthened again after the ravages of Sargon II and the ________.

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