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Erysipelas: Quiz


Question 1: More severe infections can result in vesicles, bullae, and petechiae, with possible skin ________.

Question 2: It appears as a red, swollen, warm, hardened and painful ________, similar in consistency to an orange peel.

Question 3: People with immune deficiency, diabetes, ________, skin ulceration, fungal infections and impaired lymphatic drainage (e.g., after mastectomy, pelvic surgery, bypass grafting) are also at increased risk.
AddictionDrug addictionAlcoholismBenzodiazepine

Question 4: ________, English schoolmaster & author, 1747–1825
Samuel ParrWilliam Pitt the YoungerEdmund BurkeEngland

Question 5: Rudolf Schmundt, victim of the attempt made by Claus von Stauffenberg on the life of ________.
SchutzstaffelNazi GermanyNazi PartyAdolf Hitler

Question 6: John Herbert White, son of ________ and her husband James.
Ellen G. WhiteSeventh-day Adventist theologySeventh-day Adventist ChurchQuestions on Doctrine

Question 7: George Herbert, 5th Earl of Carnarvon, labeled as a victim of "________'s Curse".
Amenhotep IIIAkhenatenNefertitiTutankhamun

Question 8: Patients typically develop symptoms including high ________, shaking, chills, fatigue, headaches, vomiting, and general illness within 48 hours of the initial infection.
MalaiseFeverInfluenza-like illnessFatigue (medical)

Question 9: ________ may be swollen, and lymphedema may occur.
Immune systemLymph nodeSpleenLymphatic system

Question 10: ________, English poet (1631–1700)
PlutarchDemosthenesJohn DrydenTheseus

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