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Question 1: Other erudite writers include the Roman Marcus Terentius Varro, the English essayist Sir Thomas Browne and the French essayist ________.
Blaise PascalFrench Renaissance literatureFrench literatureMichel de Montaigne

Question 2: The Latin word educare means to "lead out" from ignorance; hence an educated person has come to think critically and ________.

Question 3: The Italian poet ________ was erudite: he read and studied the classics and was deeply influenced by many philosophers.
Giacomo LeopardiAlphonse de LamartineJohann Wolfgang von GoetheAdam Mickiewicz

Question 4: When such universal scholars are also at the forefront of several fields, they are sometimes called polyhistors, or ________ (though the two can mean different things.
PolymathItalian RenaissanceIslamic Golden AgeRenaissance

Question 5: The word erudition came into ________ from Latin.
Great Vowel ShiftOld NorseOld EnglishMiddle English


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