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Question 1: In 1992, he became more involved in politics as a fundraiser for ________'s 1992 presidential campaign.
Ed RendellBill ClintonHoward DeanAl Gore

Question 2: Bowles matriculated at the ________, where he was admitted to the Zeta Psi fraternity and graduated with a business degree.
Duke UniversityUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel HillFlorida State UniversityUniversity of Virginia

Question 3: After briefly serving in the United States Coast Guard, Bowles then enrolled in ________, where he earned an MBA.
Columbia Business SchoolCornell UniversityColumbia College, Columbia UniversityColumbia University

Question 4: On February 16, 2010, it was reported that Bowles will co-chair President Obama's fiscal commission with ________.
Alan K. SimpsonDick DurbinHarry ReidTed Stevens

Question 5: Despite an early lead in the polls after the primaries, as well as fellow Democrat ________ running for a second term as governor at the top of the state party ticket, Bowles was defeated in the 2004 race as well.
Bev PerdueTerry SanfordWalter H. DaltonMike Easley

Question 6: Bowles was born and raised in ________ and is the son of the late Hargrove "Skipper" Bowles, Jr., a Democratic politician who once ran for Governor of North Carolina in 1972, but lost.
Winston-Salem, North CarolinaHigh Point, North CarolinaBurlington, North CarolinaGreensboro, North Carolina

Question 7: From October 1994 to December 1995, Bowles served as Clinton's White House Deputy Chief of Staff, in the first-term of the ________.
Bill ClintonPresidency of Bill ClintonHillary Rodham ClintonAl Gore

Question 8: In 2004, Bowles campaigned again for the Senate, seeking to fill the seat being vacated by fellow Democrat ________.
John Edwards2008 Democratic National ConventionJoe LiebermanBarack Obama

Question 9: Although initially reluctant to seek political office, Bowles reconsidered a run for the United States Senate after the ________ and, in October 2001, declared his candidacy for the Senate as a Democratic candidate.
September 11 attacksOsama bin LadenUnited Airlines Flight 93Al-Qaeda

Question 10: Following graduation, Bowles worked for the financial firm ________ in New York City.
Morgan StanleyGoldman SachsCitigroupJPMorgan Chase

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