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Ernst Thälmann: Quiz


Question 1: When the USPD split over the question of whether to join the ________, Thälmann sided with the pro-Communist group which in November 1920 merged with the KPD.
CommunismMarxismLeft communismComintern

Question 2: That same year the Spanish Civil War broke out, and two units of the ________ named themselves after him.
ItalyWorld War IIInternational BrigadesSpain

Question 3: In March 1932, Thälmann was once again a candidate for the German Presidency, against the incumbent Paul von Hindenburg and ________.
Nazi GermanySchutzstaffelNazi PartyAdolf Hitler

Question 4: On the day of the ________, 9 November 1918, he wrote in his diary on the Western Front, "...did a bunk from the Front with 4 comrades at 2 o'clock."
Adolf HitlerWilhelm II, German EmperorGerman Revolution of 1918–19Weimar Republic

Question 5: Thälmann participated in and helped organise the ________ of October 1923.
Communist Party OppositionIndependent Social Democratic Party of GermanyCommunist Party of GermanyNazi Party

Question 6: Ernst Thälmann (16 April 1886 – 18 August 1944) was the leader of the ________ (KPD) during much of the Weimar Republic.
Communist Party of GermanyNazi PartyIndependent Social Democratic Party of GermanyCommunist Party Opposition

Question 7: For his 50th birthday in April 1936 Thälmann received greetings from around the world, including from ________ and Heinrich Mann.
Maxim GorkyRussiaJoseph StalinAleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Question 8: On 3 March he was arrested in Berlin by the ________.
Heinrich HimmlerGestapoNazi GermanyAdolf Hitler

Question 9: During World War I and the ________, the KPD competed for leadership of the working class with the more moderate SPD, particularly after the latter supported German involvement in the War.
German EmpirePrussiaWeimar RepublicAdolf Hitler

Question 10: Furthermore, Thälmann assumed that after the failure of the trial of Georgi Dimitrov for complicity in the ________, the Nazi regime did not want to allow the possibility of further embarrassment in the court room.
Nazi GermanyReichstag fireAdolf HitlerJoseph Goebbels

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