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Ernesto Sabato: Quiz


Question 1: Ernesto Sabato was born on June 24, 1911 in Rojas, ________.
Buenos Aires ProvinceLa PlataMerlo PartidoBahía Blanca

Question 2: In 1924 he finished primary school in Rojas and settled in the city of ________ for his secondary education at the Colegio Nacional de La Plata.
La PlataBalcarce, Buenos Aires ProvinceBuenos Aires ProvinceBahía Blanca

Question 3: Authors such as ________ and Graham Greene particularly lauded Sabato's novels.
Jean-Paul SartreAlbert CamusGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelExistentialism

Question 4: According to Sabato "it was a place where either you recovered or ended up in a ________ or psychiatric hospital".
Molotov–Ribbentrop PactJoseph StalinGulagKatyn massacre

Question 5: He was the tenth son of Francisco Sabato and Juana María Ferrari (an ________ from Calabria), of a total of eleven.
AlbaniaAlbanian diasporaPiana degli AlbanesiArbëreshë

Question 6: He then attended the Sorbonne in ________ and worked at the Curie Institute.
MarseilleVersaillesParisÉvry, Essonne

Question 7: He was born in Rojas, a tiny town in the ________.
Buenos Aires ProvinceMerlo PartidoLa PlataBahía Blanca

Question 8: By request of president Raúl Alfonsín, he presided over the CONADEP commission that investigated the fate of the desaparecidos during the ________ of the 1970s.
Operation CondorJorge Rafael VidelaDirty WarArgentina

Question 9: While in France he made contact with the surrealist movement, studying the works of Oscar Domínguez, Benjamin Péret, ________ and Esteban Francés among others.
Roberto MattaFrench peopleChileAugusto Pinochet

Question 10: He also published articles for La Nación, and his translation of The Birth and Death of the Sun by ________ is published.
George GamowFrancis CrickBig BangHans Bethe


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