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Ernest Shackleton: Quiz


Question 1:
When is Ernest Shackleton's birthday?

Question 2:
What is Ernest Shackleton also known as?
Stephens, D. Mallory
Stuart, Edward
The Boss, Old Cautious, Shacks
Peu00F1a y Peu00F1a, Josu00E9 Manuel de la

Question 3:

Question 4:
When was Ernest Shackleton born?

Question 5: Shackleton delayed his own departure until 27 September, meeting the ship in ________.
Buenos AiresPalermo, Buenos AiresArgentinaBuenos Aires Central Business District

Question 6:
Who of the following is a parent of Ernest Shackleton?
Henry H. Sy
Henry Harle Story
Henry and Henrietta
Colonel Henry Champion, Deborah Brainard

Question 7: [37] He was then offered, and accepted, the secretaryship of the ________ (RSGS), a post which he took up on 11 January 1904.
ScotlandEdinburghGlasgowRoyal Scottish Geographical Society

Question 8:
Who is Ernest Shackleton's spouse?
Emily Smith
Emily Dorman
Emily Harriet Wellesley-Pole
Florence Carrighan & Emily Helena Seismann

Question 9: [6] In 1880, when Ernest was six, Henry Shackleton gave up his life as a landowner to study medicine at ________, moving his family into the city.
Université catholique de LouvainTrinity College, DublinUppsala UniversityAarhus University

Question 10: [11] In August 1894 he passed his examination for ________ and accepted a post as third officer on a tramp steamer of the Welsh Shire Line.
Second MateChief MateBoatswainThird Mate


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