Ermita, Manila: Quiz

Question 1: and other offices found along the old government circle designed during the American era by architect and urban planner ________, such as the
World's Columbian ExpositionDaniel BurnhamLouis SullivanCleveland

Question 2: ________ (formerly the City College of Manila) and
Lito AtienzaPhilippinesPamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila, District CollegesGat Andrés Bonifacio University

Question 3: ________ Philippines Branch Office[6]
Cathay PacificEVA AirJapan AirlinesChina Airlines

Question 4: The wife and four children of future President ________ were murdered in Ermita, as was Supreme Court Associate Justice Anacleto Diaz.
Elpidio QuirinoManuel RoxasJosé P. LaurelSergio Osmeña

Question 5: During the term of Mayor ________, an effort was made to "clean up" Ermita, helping improve its reputation since then.
Alfredo LimLito AtienzaArsenio LacsonMel Lopez

Question 6: ________, which leads the city in offering specialized science and technology oriented curricula for secondary education.
Manila Science High SchoolMarikina Science High SchoolValenzuela City Science High SchoolParañaque Science High School

Question 7: It became known as the university district, containing the campuses of the ________, the Ateneo de Manila, the Assumption College and the St.
National University of SingaporeChulalongkorn UniversityUniversity of the PhilippinesUniversity of the Philippines Los Baños

Question 8: Despite efforts of the government to litigate the perpetrators, ________ tourism is still a huge source of revenue in the local area.
SemenSexual intercoursePenisSex

Question 9: Rizal Park, the widest open urban public park in the country and location of the monument to the national hero ________, is a prominent feature of Ermita.
KatipunanPhilippine RevolutionJosé RizalAndrés Bonifacio

Question 10: Ermita is a district of Manila, Philippines located halfway between ________ (the old walled city) and Malate.
Metro ManilaBinondo, ManilaErmita, ManilaIntramuros

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