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Question 1: It has been speculated that Koch's conflicts with Rosenberg and Darré had a religious element to them:[3] both Rosenberg and Darré were anti-Christian Nordicists who did not belief that the Nazi ________ ("world view") was compatible with Christianity.
PhilosophyWorld viewCausalityTruth

Question 2: Erich Koch (June 19, 1896 – November 12, 1986) was a Gauleiter of the Nazi Party (NSDAP) in ________ from 1928 until 1945.
Royal PrussiaBrandenburg-PrussiaWest PrussiaEast Prussia

Question 3: Koch was born in Elberfeld, today part of ________, as the son of foreman Gustav Adolf Koch (1862 – 1932) and his wife Henriette, née Matthes (1863 – 1939).

Question 4: After the war, Koch stood trial in ________ and was convicted in 1959 of war crimes and sentenced to death.

Question 5: As the ________ advanced into his area during 1945, Koch escaped through the Baltic Sea between April 23, 1945, and May 7, 1945, on the icebreaker Ostpreußen.
Soviet Armed ForcesEastern Front (World War II)RussiaRed Army

Question 6: In World War I he served undistinguishedly as a soldier from 1915 till 1918 and later fought as a member of ________ Rossbach in Upper Silesia.
Adolf HitlerHeinrich HimmlerFreikorpsWeimar Republic

Question 7: ________, Reich Minister for the Occupied Eastern Territories (Reichsministerium für die besetzten Ostgebiete), expressed his disapproval of Koch's autonomous actions to Hitler in December 1941.
Joseph GoebbelsAdolf HitlerAlfred RosenbergHermann Göring

Question 8: His domain was extended from the ________ to the Black Sea; it comprised ethnic German, Polish, Belarus and Ukrainian areas.
North SeaArctic OceanBaltic SeaEnglish Channel

Question 9: These new areas lay approximately between the rivers ________ and Narew.
PolandWarsawPolish–Lithuanian CommonwealthVistula

Question 10: On September 1, Koch became Reichskommissar of Reichskommissariat Ukraine with control of the ________ and the police.
Adolf HitlerGestapoNazi GermanyHeinrich Himmler

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