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Erich Kästner: Quiz


Question 1: In the autumn of 1919, Kästner enrolled at the ________ to study history, philosophy, German language and literature and theatre.
Ruhr University BochumUniversity of LeipzigAristotle University of ThessalonikiUniversity of Coimbra

Question 2: Other major writers of the movement include Joseph Roth, Hermann Hesse, Carl Zuckmayer, ________, Thomas Mann, and Heinrich Mann.
Heaven Has No FavoritesThe Black ObeliskErich Maria RemarqueAll Quiet on the Western Front

Question 3: Other recordings for the Deutsche Grammophon include poems, epigrams, and his version of the folktale ________.
Till EulenspiegelBallets RussesGermanyHoly Roman Empire

Question 4: While he lived in Leipzig and ________, he wrote her fairly intimate daily letters and postcards.

Question 5: At the end of the war, Kästner returned to school and achieved the ________ with distinction, earning a scholarship (Stipendium) from the city of Dresden.
GermanyAbiturGymnasium (school)Gymnasium (Germany)

Question 6: Kästner began publishing less and less, in part because of a growing ________.
AlcoholismAddictionDrug addictionBenzodiazepine

Question 7: In 1914, when he was 15, ________ broke out.
Armenian GenocideWestern Front (World War I)World War ICaucasus Campaign

Question 8: Kästner lets the unemployed German literary expert Fabian explain the uproarious quick pace of the times and the downfall of the ________.
Weimar RepublicAdolf HitlerPrussiaGerman Empire

Question 9: Kästner did travel to Meran and to ________ just after the Nazis assumed power, and he met with exiled fellow writers there.

Question 10: The ________ interrogated Kästner several times, and the writers' guild excluded him.
GestapoHeinrich HimmlerNazi GermanyAdolf Hitler

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