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Eric of Pomerania: Quiz


Question 1: The number of Swedish monarchs named Eric before Eric XIV (at least seven) is unknown, going back into ________, and none of them used numerals.
PrehistoryAncient historyStone AgeEarly modern period

Question 2: In 1424, a verdict of the ________ by Sigismund, King of Germany, recognising Eric as the legal ruler of South Jutland, was ignored by the Holsteiners.
FranciaGerman EmpireHoly Roman EmpireByzantine Empire

Question 3: On 17 June 1397, he was crowned a king of the three Nordic countries in the cathedral of ________.

Question 4: Initially named Boguslaw, he was son to the only surviving granddaughter of ________ and also a descendant of Magnus III of Sweden and Haakon V of Norway.
Margaret I of DenmarkChristian II of DenmarkValdemar IV of DenmarkChristopher II of Denmark

Question 5: On 8 September 1389, he was hailed as King of Norway at the Ting in ________.

Question 6: Boguslaw's claim to the Swedish throne came through his great-granduncle, ________, who was forced to abdicate by the Swedish nobles.
Eric of PomeraniaChristian I of DenmarkHaakon VI of NorwayMagnus IV of Sweden

Question 7: Eric was a son of Wratislaw VII, Duke of Pomerania, and Mary of ________.

Question 8: Ingeborg was a daughter of Valdemar IV of Denmark and his Queen consort Heilwig of ________.
Schleswig-HolsteinDuchy of SchleswigSecond Schleswig WarHistory of Schleswig-Holstein

Question 9: He may have been crowned King of Norway in ________ in 1392, but this is disputed.

Question 10: In 1402, Queen Margaret entered into negotiations with King ________ about the possibility of an alliance between the Kingdom of England and the Nordic union.
Richard II of EnglandHenry V of EnglandHenry IV of EnglandEdward III of England


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