Eric Edgar Cooke: Quiz

Question 1: Cooke was convicted of willful ________ on 28 November 1963 after a three-day trial by jury in the Supreme Court of Western Australia before Justice Virtue.

Question 2: Cooke was the last person to be ________ in the state of Western Australia, on 26 October 1964.
HangingCapital punishmentCapital punishment in the United KingdomCapital punishment in the United States

Question 3: "The Nedlands Monster" also features in ________'s 1991 novel Cloudstreet and Craig Silvey's 2009 novel Jasper Jones.
Tim WintonDavid MaloufMiles Franklin AwardPeter Carey (novelist)

Question 4: Ten minutes before the sentence was carried out Cooke swore on the ________ renewing his rejected claim that he had been the killer of Jillian Brewer and Rosemary Anderson.
Biblical canonChristianity and JudaismBibleNevi'im

Question 5: Darryl Beamish, a deaf mute convicted in 1961 for the 1959 murder of Jillian Macpherson Brewer, a wealthy woman originally from ________.
SydneyDarwin, Northern TerritoryMelbourneMelbourne City Centre

Question 6: Eric Edgar Cooke nicknamed The Night Caller (25 February 1931 – 26 October 1964) was an Australian ________.
Serial killerTorture murderInternet homicideLust murder

Question 7: A year later on the 14th of October 1953, Cooke aged 22 married Sarah (Sally) Lavin, a 19-year-old waitress, at the ________ Church in Cannington.
Christian denominationMethodismBaptistChristianity

Question 8: From 1959 to 1963, he terrorised the city of ________ by committing 22 violent crimes, eight of which resulted in deaths.
BrisbanePerth, Western AustraliaSydneyMelbourne

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