Eratosthenes: Quiz

Question 1:
Where was Eratosthenes born?

Question 2:
When was Eratosthenes born?
276 BC
496 BC
943 BC
20 BC

Question 3:
When is Eratosthenes's birthday?
236 BC
fl. 300 BC
276 BC
c. 500 BC

Question 4:
How is Eratosthenes described?
American musician
American physicist
Greek mathematician, poet, athlete, geographer and astronomer

Question 5:
Where did Eratosthenes die?
Stockholm, Sweden
Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Capital of Ptolemaic Egypt
Montru00E9al, Canada. Buried in Jerusalem, Israel

Question 6: [3] He made several discoveries and inventions including a system of ________ and longitude.
EquatorPrime MeridianLatitudeAntarctic Circle

Question 7:
When did Eratosthenes die?
ca. 370 BC
947 or 946 BC
194 BC
242 BC

Question 8:
What did Eratosthenes do for a living?
Epic poet, librarian, scholar, inventor
Industrialist, scientist, inventor, businessman, soldier
Inventor and infomercial salesman
retired raincoat salesman/"beltless trenchcoat" inventor

Question 9: Eratosthenes studied in Alexandria, and claimed to have also studied for some years in ________.

Question 10: This algorithm is known in mathematics as the ________.
Sieve of EratosthenesPrimality testInteger factorizationEuclidean algorithm

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