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Question 1: 37" refers to the ________ passed in the session of Parliament in the 61st/62nd year of the reign of Queen Victoria.
Local Government (Ireland) Act 1898KilkennyCounty KilkennyTown commissioners

Question 2: was used since long, but ________ were dated according to the years of the reign of the current Monarch, so that "61 & 62 Vict c.
Common lawLegal systems of the worldAct of ParliamentLaw

Question 3: The term Christian era refers to ________, the time when Jesus was born, while the expressions Jewish era and Islamic era indicates the time since those said religions began.
Julian calendarByzantine calendarGregorian calendarAnno Domini

Question 4: In ________, each emperor's reign may be subdivided into several reign periods, each being treated as a new era.
Southeast AsiaEast AsiaCentral AsiaFar East

Question 5: The Latin word's use in chronology seems to have begun in 5th century Visigothic Spain, where it appears in the History of ________, and in later texts.
Isidore of SevilleHistory of the Catholic ChurchAugustine of HippoPope Gregory I

Question 6: An event such as the death of ________ is poetically called the end of an era.
The Reprise CollectionFrank Sinatra filmographyThe Complete Reprise Studio RecordingsFrank Sinatra

Question 7: In ________, an era is the highest level for the organization of the measurement of time.
CalendarGregorian calendarJulian calendarChronology

Question 8: A similar practice survived in the ________ until quite recently, but only for formal official writings: in daily life the ordinary year A.D.
United KingdomEnglandWalesCanada


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