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Equisetopsida: Quiz


Question 1: Equisetopsida is placed in the botanical division of ________ (Pteridophyta),[3] though sometimes regarded as a separate division Equisetophyta (also as Sphenophyta or Arthrophyta).
EmbryophyteFlowering plantPlantFern

Question 2: A primary ________ contains carinal canals; in the Calamitales, secondary xylem (but not secondary phloem) can be secreted as the cambium grows outwards, producing a woody stem, and allowing the plants to grow as high as 10m.
Flowering plantVascular plantXylemGymnosperm

Question 3: In the only extant genus ________, these are small leaves (microphylls) with a singular vascular trace.

Question 4: There were three orders of Equisetopsid; the Pseudoborniales, which first appeared in the late ________.
DevonianCarboniferousLate Devonian extinctionGeologic time scale

Question 5: The Equisetales existed alongside the Sphenophyllales, but diversified as that group disappeared into extinction, gradually dwindling in diversity to today's single genus ________.

Question 6: The plant contains an intercalary ________: that is to say, each segment of the stem grows as the plant gets taller.
MeristemPlant evolutionary developmental biologyPlant stemFlowering plant

Question 7: (See ________) However, plants had already been on the land for almost a hundred million years, with the first evidence of land plants dating to 475 million years ago.
LifeEvolution of plantsTimeline of evolutionEvolutionary history of life

Question 8: Recent phylogenetic analysis has produced evidence that this group of plants belong within the fern ________ of vascular plants.
CladeGhost lineageLifeComputational phylogenetics

Question 9: The extant horsetails are mostly ________, but this is conspicuously not the case in the past.
SporeFernPlantCell wall

Question 10: Equisetopsida, or Sphenopsida, is a class of plants with a fossil record going back to the ________.
Late Devonian extinctionGeologic time scaleCarboniferousDevonian


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