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Equipment of the United States Army: Quiz


Question 1: The ________, a 40mm grenade launcher that can be attached under the barrel of a variety of rifles, including the M16 and M4.
M203 grenade launcherM16 rifleM2 Browning machine gunM79 grenade launcher

Question 2: ________
United States Marine CorpsUnited States NavyUnited States Air ForceEquipment of the United States Armed Forces

Question 3: ________
F-15 EagleA-10 Thunderbolt IIEquipment of the United States Air ForceAircraft of the United States Air Force

Question 4: The FN SCAR was just uilt and was gave to the ________.
75th Ranger Regiment (United States)160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (United States)United States Army Rangers1st Ranger Battalion (United States)

Question 5: The M231 FPW, a modified M16 for use in the firing ports of the ________.
Infantry fighting vehicleM1 AbramsBMP-3M2/M3 Bradley Fighting Vehicle

Question 6: The ________, a semi-automatic handgun with a 15-round detachable magazine[1][2]
M16 rifleM9 pistolM2 Browning machine gunM4 carbine

Question 7: The ________, an assault rifle using STANAG magazines from 20 to 100 round capacities and firing at a maximum rate of 825 rounds per minute.
M2 Browning machine gunM16 rifleHeckler & Koch MP5M4 carbine

Question 8: ________
United States Coast Guard AcademyOrganization of the United States Coast GuardHistory of the United States Coast GuardEquipment of the United States Coast Guard

Question 9: It is mounted on the ________ and UH-60 Black Hawk Direct Action Penetrator helicopters.
McDonnell XV-1AH-64 ApacheXH-20 Little HenryOH-6 Cayuse

Question 10: It is one of the primary armaments of the ________, and is one of a variety of anti-air and anti-surface naval armaments.
Infantry fighting vehicleM2/M3 Bradley Fighting VehicleBMP-3M1 Abrams


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