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Question 1: The first step in metal ion ________ [4] can be expressed in two different ways

Question 2: For example, ________ complexes of many metals are outside the range for the potentiometric method.

Question 3: In biochemistry equilibrium constants are often measured at a pH fixed by means of a ________.
Base (chemistry)Buffer solutionAcid dissociation constantAcid

Question 4: The mathematical definition of the equilibrium constant can be derived directly from the ________ of the system, along with the Law of Mass Action.
Internal energyStatistical mechanicsGibbs free energyEntropy

Question 5: It is conventional to put the activities of the products in the numerator and those of the reactants in the ________.
Irrational numberNumberFraction (mathematics)Division (mathematics)

Question 6: In this case activity is dimensionless as fugacity has the ________ of inverse pressure.
PolytopeDimensionFive-dimensional spaceFourth dimension

Question 7: A knowledge of equilibrium constants is essential for the understanding of many natural processes such as oxygen transport by ________ in blood and acid-base homeostasis in the human body.
Arterial blood gasHemoglobinGlycated hemoglobinSerum iron

Question 8: For equilibria in solution activity is the product of ________ and activity coefficient.
Total dissolved solidsSolventSolubilityConcentration

Question 9: where Cp is the heat capacity at constant pressure The equilibrium constant is related to the standard ________ change of reaction as
Statistical mechanicsGibbs free energyEntropyInternal energy

Question 10: For equilibria in a ________, the activity of a gaseous component is the product of the component's partial pressure and the fugacity coefficient for this component.
SolidPhase (matter)Triple pointLiquid

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