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Question 1: The world's largest equestrian ________, when completed, will be the Crazy Horse Memorial.
Ceramic artCollageSculptureStained glass

Question 2: One of the several equestrian Saint George sculptures in ________.

Question 3: Found on the Athenian acropolis, the sixth century BC statue known as the Rampin Rider depicts a ________ mounted on horseback.
Archaic GreeceDelphiRectus abdominis muscleKouros

Question 4: Statue of ________ on the Pont Neuf in Paris
Henry IV of FranceHouse of BourbonLouis XIII of FranceLouis XIV of France

Question 5: ________'s neoclassicist equestrian statue of Prince Józef Poniatowski, Warsaw
Bertel ThorvaldsenRomeDenmarkChicago

Question 6: The term is from the ________ "eques", meaning "knight" and a derivative of "equus", meaning "horse".
Roman EmpireOld LatinLatinVulgar Latin

Question 7: Saint George defeats the Dragon, ________, Germany

Question 8: Archduke Karl in ________, largest equestrian statue in the world with only two support points

Question 9: ________, painting by Vasily Surikov
Bronze HorsemanStonehengeMenhirSkorba Temples

Question 10: After the Romans, no surviving monumental equestrian bronze was cast in Europe until ________ achieved the heroic bronze equestrian statue of the condottiere Gattamelata, in Padua, executed in 1445–1450.
Florence CathedralDonatelloFlorence BaptisteryFlorence


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