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Question 1: Some generalized products, such as a ________, are never injective.
Dot productCross productVector spaceEuclidean vector

Question 2: [1] Equations consist of the expressions that are to be equal on opposite sides of an ________, as in
Plus and minus signsTildeC (programming language)Equals sign

Question 3: The most well known system of numbers which allows all of these operations is the ________, which is an example of a field.
Complex numberReal numberTranscendental numberIrrational number

Question 4: The ________ are an example of an integral domain which does not allow all divisions as, again, whole numbers are needed.
Rational numberNatural numberIntegerField (mathematics)

Question 5: The algebraic properties (1-4) imply that equality is a ________ for a field; in fact, it is essentially the only one.
Congruence relationGroup (mathematics)Algebraic structureKernel (algebra)

Question 6: However, if the equation were based on the ________ for example, some of these operations (like division and subtraction) may not be valid as negative numbers and non-whole numbers are not allowed.
Natural numberIntegerCardinal numberReal number

Question 7: However, subtraction is allowed, and is the ________ in that system.
Surjective functionFunction (mathematics)ExponentiationInverse function

Question 8: If a function that is not ________ is applied to both sides of a true equation, then the resulting equation will still be true, but it may be less useful.
Function (mathematics)Inverse functionSurjective functionInjective function

Question 9: An equation is a ________ statement that asserts the equality of two expressions.
Set theoryGeometryMathematicsMathematical logic

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