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Equalization: Quiz


Question 1: The frequency response of a room is examined with a ________ and usually a graphic equalizer, with matching frequency bands, is used to compensate for the room acoustics.
Analog-to-digital converterDiscrete Fourier transformSpectrum analyzerAcoustic phonetics

Question 2: A simple ________ equalizer might have one bank of filters controlling two channels for easy adjustment of stereo sound, and contain five to ten filter bands.
Automotive navigation systemDashboardAutomobileCar audio

Question 3: This is due to ________ produced by the size of the room and the materials in it.
Standing waveResonanceNode (physics)Resonator

Question 4: Some guitar ________, in particular, the wah-wah pedal is based on equalization.
Electric guitarEffects unitSynthesizerBass guitar

Question 5: The individual channels of a mixing board and the sound of electric instruments are equalized for ________ reasons.
David HumeApplied aestheticsAestheticsArthur Schopenhauer

Question 6: Equalization is used to manipulate the ________ of musical instruments and sounds.
Chest voiceTimbreColoraturaOpera

Question 7: Equalization is used to compensate for the discrepancies of a room's ________.
Classical mechanicsAcousticsPhysicsOptics

Question 8: Early telephone systems used equalization to correct for the reduced level of high frequencies in long cables, typically using ________.
Butterworth filterElectronic filterZobel networkConstant k filter

Question 9: It is necessary to remove or cancel any ________ in the line before equalization can be successful.
George Ashley CampbellCoaxial cableLoading coilOliver Heaviside

Question 10: In ________ and sound reinforcement systems, individual channels have equalization for aesthetic reasons, while the combined mix of sound is processed through equalization for practical reasons.
Sound recording and reproductionMultitrack recordingDigital audio workstationSound card


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