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Question 1: ________, for instance, was said to derive its name from the Greek god Pelops.

Question 2: The term is also applied to ________, usually with regard to record titles.
MusicMusical notationMusic theoryClassical music

Question 3: Because ________ are capitalized in English, the usual default for eponyms is to capitalize the eponymous part of a term.
AdjectiveArticle (grammar)Preposition and postpositionNoun

Question 4: The band ________ titled their 1988 compilation CD Eponymous as a joke.
R.E.M.Bill BerryMurmur (album)Automatic for the People

Question 5: Examples are Avogadro's number, the ________, meitnerium, Alzheimer's disease, and the Apgar score.
Hot bulb engineDiesel engineTwo-stroke engineInternal combustion engine

Question 6: ________ can occasionally apply to eponyms.
Hiberno-EnglishAmerican and British English spelling differencesAmerican EnglishAmerican and British English differences

Question 7: The Roman Catholic Church, however, eventually used the ________ dating scheme based on the birth of Christ on both the general public and royalty.
Byzantine calendarAnno DominiGregorian calendarJulian calendar

Question 8: The eponym gave apparent meaning to the mysterious names of tribes, and sometimes, as in the ________, provided a primitive attempt at ethnology as well, in the genealogical relationships of eponymous originators.
CanaanJapheticSons of NoahShem

Question 9: For example, in Parkinson disease (named after ________), Parkinson is capitalised, but disease is not.
GeologyCreationismEarthJames Parkinson

Question 10: In ________, one of the two formal ways of indicating a year was to cite the two annual consuls who served in that year.
Roman RepublicAncient RomeRoman EmpireClassical antiquity

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