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Question 1: North Korea uses a system that starts in 1912 (= ________ 1), the year of the birth of their founder Kim Il-Sung.
Gregorian calendarMinguo calendarCalendarJuche

Question 2: It is still very common in ________ to date events via the republican era.
Taiwanese aboriginesTaiwanPhilippinesTaiwanese people

Question 3: In the fields of ________ and periodization, an epoch means an instant in time chosen as the origin of a particular era.
Julian calendarChronologyGregorian calendarCalendar

Question 4: The current standard epoch is called "J2000.0" (Julian 2000, based on the Julian Calendar) and is approximately noon January 1, 2000 at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, in London ________:
EnglandWalesScotlandUnited Kingdom

Question 5: The ________ 2451545.0 TT (Terrestrial Time).
CalendarJulian calendarJulian dayGregorian calendar

Question 6: For example, Microsoft Excel observes the fictional date of February 29, 1900 in order to maintain compatibility with older versions of ________[13].
IBM Lotus Word ProLotus 1-2-3IBM Lotus NotesIBM Lotus Symphony

Question 7: Each ________ starts from an arbitrary epoch, which is often chosen to commemorate an important historical or mythological event.
Julian calendarGregorian calendarCalendar eraIslamic calendar

Question 8: The time kept internally by a computer system is usually expressed as the number of time units that have elapsed since a specified epoch, which is nearly always specified as midnight ________ on some particular date.
Coordinated Universal TimeTropical yearUniversal TimeSecond

Question 9: In astronomy, an epoch is a specific moment in time for which celestial coordinates or ________ are specified, and from which other orbital parametrics are thereafter calculated in order to predict future position.
Orbital mechanicsOrbital elementsOrbital eccentricityLagrangian point

Question 10: January 1, 2000, 11:58:55.816 UTC (________).
Radio clockTime zoneTime standardCoordinated Universal Time


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