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Epithelium: Quiz


Question 1: Epithelium lines both the outside (________) and the inside cavities and lumen of bodies.
TanningHuman skinLeatherSkin

Question 2: The outermost layer of our ________ is composed of dead stratified squamous, keratinized epithelial cells.
SkinHuman skinTanningLeather

Question 3: Other epithelial cells line the insides of the lungs, the gastrointestinal tract, the reproductive and urinary tracts, and make up the exocrine and ________ glands.
HypopituitarismEndocrinologyThyroidEndocrine system

Question 4: Endothelium (the inner lining of blood vessels, the ________, and lymphatic vessels) is a specialized form of epithelium.
Circulatory systemTorsoLymphatic systemHeart

Question 5: from endoderm (e.g., the lining of the ________);
PeritonitisAscending cholangitisColorectal cancerHuman gastrointestinal tract

Question 6: In humans, epithelium is classified as a primary body tissue, the other ones being connective tissue, ________ and nervous tissue.
Head and neck anatomyTorsoMuscleFascia

Question 7: Another type, mesothelium, forms the walls of the pericardium, pleurae, and ________.
Human abdomenPeritoneumRetroperitoneumMesentery

Question 8: Epithelium is often defined by the expression of the adhesion molecule ________ (as opposed to n-cadherin, which is used by cells of the connective tissue).
ICAM-1CDH1 (gene)VE-cadherinCDH2

Question 9:, ________
University of OxfordUniversity of CambridgeUniversity of SouthamptonOxford Brookes University

Question 10: There are two major classifications of glands: ________ and exocrine glands.
Endocrine systemThyroidEndocrine glandHypothalamus


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