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Epitaphios (liturgical): Quiz


Question 1: [9] This is used on the feast of the Dormition of the Theotokos on 15 August, known in the West as the ________.
Roman Catholic MariologyImmaculate ConceptionBlessed Virgin Mary (Roman Catholic)Assumption of Mary

Question 2: On ________ morning, the bier is decorated with spring flowers, mostly white, red, and purple, until it is covered by the flowers in its entirety.
Easter MondayEasterPalm SundayGood Friday

Question 3: In Greek churches, the Epitaphios is then brought directly to the sanctuary, where it remains on the Holy Table until ________.
EasterJesusGospelAscension of Jesus

Question 4: Shown around him, and mourning his death, may be his mother (the Theotokos or ________); John the beloved disciple; Joseph of Arimathea; and Mary Magdalene, as well as angels.
Saint StephenBlessed Virgin Mary (Roman Catholic)JesusBlessed Virgin Mary

Question 5: Theology
Hesychasm - Icon
Apophaticism - ________
Miaphysitism - Monophysitism
Nestorianism - Theosis - Theoria
Phronema - Philokalia
Praxis - Theotokos
Hypostasis - Ousia
Essence-Energies distinction
Catholic ChurchEcumenical councilFilioqueEast–West Schism

Question 6: This too is a richly embroidered cloth icon, but depicting instead the body of the ________ lying in state.
Roman Catholic MariologyTheotokosBlessed Virgin MaryBlessed Virgin Mary (Roman Catholic)

Question 7: History
Ecumenical council
Christianization of Bulgaria
Christianization of Kievan Rus'
East-West Schism
By region
Asian - Copts
Eastern Orthodox - Georgian - Ukrainian
Byzantine IconoclasmRoman EmpireByzantine EmpireWestern Roman Empire

Question 8: Those unable to attend the church service will often come out to balconies and sidewalks where the procession passes, holding lit candles and sometimes hand-held ________.
ThuribleCenserGospel (liturgy)Orthodox Church

Question 9: In Slavic churches, the service of ________ will be served next, during which a special Canon will be chanted which recalls the lamentations of the Theotokos.
ComplineVespersMatinsCanonical hours

Question 10: Liturgy and Worship
Sign of the cross
Divine Liturgy


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