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Epistle of Jude: Quiz


Question 1: Examples of heterodox opinions that were circulating in the early 2nd century include Docetism, Marcionism, and ________.

Question 2: " The letter was eventually accepted as part of the Canon by the Church Fathers such as ________ and the Synods of Laodicea (c.
Athanasius of AlexandriaCyril of AlexandriaEast–West SchismBasil of Caesarea

Question 3: Although its canonical status was contested, its authenticity was never doubted by the ________.
Biblical canonCrusadesEast–West SchismEarly Christianity

Question 4: Doubts regarding Jude's authenticity were revived at the time of the ________.
Counter-ReformationProtestant ReformationCrusadesEast–West Schism

Question 5: The links between the Epistle and ________, its use of the Apocryphal Books, and its brevity raised concern.
Gospel of JohnDevelopment of the New Testament canonSecond Epistle of PeterNew Testament

Question 6: It was composed as an ________ letter—that is, one not directed to the members of one church in particular, but intended rather to be circulated and read in all churches.
Pope Pius XIPope Paul VIPope John Paul IIEncyclical

Question 7: The ________ title is written as follows: "Jude, a servant of Jesus Christ and a brother of James" (NRSV).
Gospel (liturgy)Liturgical bookEpistlePsalms

Question 8: The form, as opposed to the earlier letters of Paul, suggests that the author knew Paul's ________ or even that the Pauline epistles had already been collected and were circulating when the text was written.
First Epistle to the CorinthiansSecond Epistle to the ThessaloniansEpistle to the EphesiansNew Testament

Question 9: [4] It is agreed that he is not the Jude who betrayed Jesus, ________.
Judas IscariotPontius PilateNew TestamentMyrrhbearers

Question 10: " [7] Clement, ________ and the Muratorian canon considered the letter canonical.
Peter AbelardTertullianDidacheCatholic Church


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