Epistle: Quiz

Question 1: The epistle genre of letter-writing was common in ________ as part of the scribal-school writing curriculum.
Ptolemaic KingdomNew KingdomAlexander the GreatAncient Egypt

Question 2: There are also lessons appointed for the feast days of numerous ________ and commemorations.
ChristianityJesusOrthodox ChurchSaint

Question 3: In the ________ of the Eastern Orthodox Church the Epistle reading is called the Apostol (the same name is given to the lectionary from which it is read).
Eastern Catholic ChurchesDivine LiturgyEastern ChristianityJohn Chrysostom

Question 4: Those traditionally attributed to Paul are known as ________ and the others as 'catholic' or general epistles.
GospelNew TestamentBiblical manuscriptPauline epistles

Question 5: The Epistle reading is always linked to a reading from the ________, though some services, such as Matins, will have a Gospel lesson, but no Epistle.
JesusGospelApostle (Christian)New Testament

Question 6: In particular, with respect to the ________, the pastoral epistles are rejected by two thirds of modern academics, and only seven of the Pauline epistles are regarded as uncontested.
Biblical canonDevelopment of the New Testament canonAuthorship of the Pauline epistlesNew Testament

Question 7: When the epistle is sung or chanted at ________ it is done so by the subdeacon.
Mass (liturgy)Tridentine MassSolemn MassPapal Mass

Question 8: The letters in the ________ from Apostles to Christians are usually referred to as epistles.
Biblical canonJesusGospelNew Testament

Question 9: Letters written to a group of people, which include most of the ________ epistles, were not read individually but read aloud to the entire church congregation.
New TestamentBiblical canonJesusGospel

Question 10: After the names of the author and recipient, Pauline epistles often open with the greeting, "Grace and peace to you." "Grace" was a common Hellenistic greeting, while "peace" (________) was the common Jewish greeting; this reflected Paul's dual identity in Jewish faith and Hellenistic culture.
Hebrew languageShalomKaddishAshkenazi Jews

Source: The Full Wiki (http://quiz.thefullwiki.org/Epistle)