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Question 1: The name Epirus, in Greek: Ἤπειρος Epeiros (in ________ and the native Northwestern Greek Ἅπειρος Apeiros), means "mainland".
Ancient Macedonian languageArcadocypriot GreekAeolic GreekDoric Greek

Question 2: What does the following picture show?

  NASA satellite image of Epirus.
  NASA satellite image of Epirus.
  Mycenaean sites in Epirus periphery.
  Map of ancient Epirus

Question 3: Epirus (Greek: Ἤπειρος Epeiros) is a geographical and historical region of Greece in southeastern Europe, currently divided between the periphery of Epirus in Greece and the prefectures of Gjirokastër, Vlorë, Berat, and Korçë in southern ________.
SerbiaCroatiaAlbaniaBosnia and Herzegovina

Question 4: [15][16] By the early ________, the population of Epirus consisted of three principal clusters of Greek-speaking tribes[17].
6th century BC8th century BC1st millennium BC5th century BC

Question 5: Unlike most other Greeks of this time, who lived in or around city-states such as ________ or Sparta, the Epirotes lived in small villages and their way of life was foreign to that of the polis of southern Greece.

Question 6: The Treaty of Bucharest, which concluded the ________, gave Northern Epirus to Albania.
First Balkan WarBalkan WarsMacedonian front (World War I)Second Balkan War

Question 7: Demetrius) may have settled in and given their name to Vagenetia[28] the coastal part of Epirus roughly from ________ in the north to Margariti in the south.

Question 8: What does the following picture show?

  Detachment of armed Epirote women in the Autonomous Republic of Northern Epirus.
  Remains of the sanctuary of Zeus Dodonaios in Dodona.
  NASA satellite image of Epirus.

Question 9: When the Roman Empire was divided in two in 395 AD, Epirus became part of the Eastern Roman Empire (subsequently the Greek-speaking ________), ruled from Constantinople.
Byzantine IconoclasmCrusadesByzantine EmpireWestern Roman Empire

Question 10: When the ________ broke out, the inhabitants of Epirus contributed greatly.
Greek War of IndependenceBackground of the Greek War of IndependenceOttoman GreeceBattle of Navarino


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