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Question 1: Parasitic and semiparasitic plants growing on other plants (________ is well known) are not "true" epiphytes (a designation usually given to fully autotrophic epiphytes), but are still epiphytic in habit.

Question 2: ________ may develop primarily for attachment, and specialized structures (for example, cups and scales) may be used to collect or hold moisture.
RootPlantFlowering plantPlant stem

Question 3: The strangler fig and the northern rātā (Metrosideros robusta.) of ________ are examples of this.
United KingdomAustraliaNauruNew Zealand

Question 4: The term most commonly refers to higher plants, but epiphytic bacteria, fungi (epiphytic fungi), ________, lichens, mosses, and ferns exist as well.
PhotosynthesisWild fisheriesAlgaeCell wall

Question 5: Epiphytic plants use ________ for energy and (where non-aquatic) obtain moisture from the air or from dampness (rain and cloud moisture) on the surface of their hosts.
PhotosynthesisPlant physiologyCell wallAlgae

Question 6: However, there are many aquatic species of algae, including seaweeds, that are epiphytes on other aquatic plants (seaweeds or aquatic ________).
Flowering plantFernEmbryophyteGymnosperm

Question 7: Epiphytic plants are also important to certain animals that may live in their water reservoirs, such as some types of frogs and ________.

Question 8: The third largest group is clubmosses, with 190 species, followed by a handful of species in each of the spikemosses, other ferns, Gnetales, and ________.
GymnospermCycadPlantFlowering plant

Question 9: The best-known epiphytic plants include mosses, orchids, and bromeliads such as ________ (of the genus Tillandsia), but epiphytic plants may be found in every major group of the plant kingdom.
FloridaSpanish mossMississippiGeorgia (U.S. state)

Question 10: 89% of epiphyte species (about 24,000) are ________.
FernFlowering plantEmbryophyteGymnosperm


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