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Question 1: Epigraphy is a primary tool of ________ when dealing with literate cultures.
Civil engineeringEngineeringArchaeologyMining

Question 2: Not all inscribed texts are public, however: in Mycenaean Greece the deciphered texts of "________" were revealed to be largely used for economic and administrative record keeping.
Greek alphabetLinear BMycenaean Greek languageGreek language

Question 3: Epigraphy overlaps other competances such as ________ or palaeography.
Coin collectingCoinNumismaticsCurrency

Question 4: Informal inscribed texts are "________" in its original sense.
Hip hop musicGraffitiHip hopHip-hop dance

Question 5: For example, the Behistun inscription is an official document of the ________ engraved on native rock at a location in Iran.
Sassanid EmpireMedesAchaemenid EmpireAlexander the Great

Question 6: It is the work of ________, however, to determine and interpret the events recorded by the inscription as document.
Modern historyHistorianHistoryHistoriography

Question 7: Modern inscriptions might be chalk graffiti on a sidewalk, sky writing, a tracing with the finger in the condensed moisture from a breath on glass, or in ________ less propitious media.
Social control theoryCriminologyDeviance (sociology)Sociology

Question 8: The study of ancient handwriting, usually in ink, is a separate field, ________.
DiacriticZLatin-derived alphabetPalaeography

Question 9: The science of epigraphy has been developing steadily since the ________.
Early Middle AgesMiddle AgesHigh Middle AgesLate Middle Ages

Question 10: The media and the forms of the graphemes can be any whatever: engravings in stone or metal, scratches on rock, impressions in wax, embossing on cast metal, cameo or intaglio on precious stones, painting on ________ or in fresco.
Ceramic engineeringSolidCeramicCeramic materials


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