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Epididymis: Quiz


Question 1: These processes are often called stereocillia; this is incorrect, as they neither contain the microtubular structures of ________ nor function like cilia.

Question 2: inguinalregion at The Anatomy Lesson by Wesley Norman (________) (testes)
Georgetown HoyasRutgers UniversityGeorgetown UniversitySyracuse University

Question 3: It is a narrow, tightly-coiled tube connecting the efferent ducts from the rear of each ________ to its vas deferens.
Reproductive systemProstatePenisTesticle

Question 4: ________ formed in the testis enter the caput epididymis, progress to the corpus, and finally reach the cauda region, where they are stored.
Reproductive systemPenisSpermatozoonSpermatogenesis

Question 5: The epididymis (pronounced /ɛpɨˈdɪdɨmɪs/, plural: epididymides /ɛpɨˌdɪdɨˈmiːdiːz/) is part of the male reproductive system and is present in all male ________.

Question 6: This is most often performed to relieve pain associated post-________.
MasturbationBirth controlCondomVasectomy

Question 7: The head of the epididymis receives ________ via the efferent ducts of the mediastinum of the testis.
SpermatogenesisSpermatozoonReproductive systemPenis

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