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Question 1: ________ uses the products of inhibitory genes to control the patterning of trichomes, such as TTG and TRY.
Arabidopsis thalianaArabidopsisMustard plantBrassicaceae

Question 2: The process varies between ________ and monocots.
DicotyledonThorne system (1992)Cronquist systemDahlgren system

Question 3: Trichomes develop at a distinct phase during the actual leaf development, under the control of two major trichome specification ________: TTG and GL1.

Question 4: GL1 causes endoreplication, the replication of ________ without subsequent cell division as well as cell expansion.

Question 5: As previously mentioned, conical cells are a form of trichome that occurs on the petals of ________.
FlowerSeedFlowering plantFruit

Question 6: The epidermis is a single-layered group of cells that covers plants leaves, ________, roots and stems.
FlowerFruitFlowering plantSeed

Question 7: It is thought that plant hormones, such as ethylene and ________, control the stomata’s developmental response to the environmental conditions.

Question 8: Environmental conditions affect the development of stomata, in particular their ________ on the leaf surface.

Question 9: These signals could be hormonal, or perhaps gene products transmitted from underlying tissues via the ________.
PlasmodesmaCell wallProteinCell membrane

Question 10: These are typically more elongated in the leaves of monocots than in those of ________.
DicotyledonCronquist systemThorne system (1992)Dahlgren system


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