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Epidermal growth factor receptor: Quiz


Question 1: [3] This autophosphorylation elicits downstream activation and signaling by several other proteins that associate with the phosphorylated tyrosines through their own phosphotyrosine-binding ________.
Grb2Janus kinase 2SH2 domainAbl gene

Question 2: New drugs such as ________ directly target the EGFR.

Question 3: Mutations involving EGFR could lead to its constant activation which could result in uncontrolled cell division – a predisposition for ________.

Question 4: ________ that lead to EGFR overexpression (known as upregulation) or overactivity have been associated with a number of cancers, including lung cancer, anal cancers[6] and glioblastoma multiforme.
MutationPopulation geneticsSpeciationEvolution

Question 5: These downstream signaling proteins initiate several signal transduction cascades, principally the MAPK, ________ and JNK pathways, leading to DNA synthesis and cell proliferation.
AKTExtracellular signal-regulated kinasesCHEK2GSK-3

Question 6: As a result, autophosphorylation of several ________ (Y) residues in the C-terminal domain of EGFR occurs.

Question 7: In July 2007 it was discovered that the blood clotting protein ________ activates EGFR, thereby blocking regrowth of injured neuronal cells in the spine.

Question 8: [4] Such proteins modulate phenotypes such as ________, adhesion, and proliferation.
AntibodyCell nucleusCell membraneCell migration

Question 9: Cetuximab and panitumumab are examples of ________ inhibitors.
OcrelizumabMonoclonal antibodiesNatalizumabVisilizumab

Question 10: Gefitinib, ________, and lapatinib (mixed EGFR and ERBB2 inhibitor) are examples of small molecule kinase inhibitors.


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