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Question 1: O'Duffy and many other conservative elements within the ________ began to embrace fascist ideology, which was very much in vogue at that time.
Anglo-Irish TreatyIrish Free StateNorthern IrelandIreland

Question 2: A stand in a ground in Clones, ________, is named after him.
County WexfordCounty MonaghanCounty DonegalCounty Kilkenny

Question 3: O'Duffy was an admirer of the Italian leader ________ and his organisation adopted outward symbols of European fascism, such as the straight-arm Roman salute and the distinctive blue uniform.
Benito MussoliniAdolf HitlerItalian FascismAxis powers

Question 4: In September 1933 Cumann na nGaedhael, the Centre Party and the Blueshirt movement merged to form ________.
Dublin North West (D√°il √Čireann constituency)Irish general election, 2002Irish general election, 2007Fine Gael

Question 5: A contingent of ________ veterans fought on the opposite side in the Spanish Civil War (see the Connolly Column).
Irish Republican Army (1922‚Äď1969)Irish republicanismIrish Civil WarIrish Republican Army

Question 6: He once proclaimed himself the "third most important man in Europe" after ________ and fellow fascist Benito Mussolini.
Adolf HitlerSchutzstaffelNazi GermanyNazi Party

Question 7: O'Duffy did an apprenticeship as an engineer in Wexford before working as an engineer and architect in ________.
LetterkennyNorthern IrelandMonaghanIreland

Question 8: Eoin O'Duffy was born Owen O'Duffy in Lough Egish, near ________, County Monaghan.
UlsterCastleblayneyNorthern IrelandIreland

Question 9: He retired from politics completely, apart from a low-level dalliance with ________.
FascismAdolf HitlerNeo-NazismNazism

Question 10: O'Duffy was a leading member of the ________ in Ulster in the 1910s.
Gaelic Athletic Association countyGaelic Athletic AssociationAll-Ireland Senior Hurling ChampionshipAll-Ireland Senior Football Championship

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