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Question 1: Environmentalists are sometimes given names in an informal or derogatory context such as the terms "greenie" and "________".
Chipko movementGarhwal divisionHaridwarUttarakhand

Question 2: ________ (photographer, writer, activist)
Dorothea LangeYosemite National ParkAnsel AdamsManzanar

Question 3: ________ (explorer, ecologist)
ParisJacques-Yves CousteauFranceRV Calypso

Question 4: The Green Parties are generally applied to those in the ________ working as volunteers, activists or paid staff.
EnvironmentalismEco-socialismGreen politicsEnvironmental movement

Question 5: An environmentalist supports any goal of the ________, an information-based perspective on appropriate use of technology to prevent adverse effects on the environment.
Environmental movementEnvironmentalismEco-socialismGreen politics

Question 6: Typically, environmentalists have conservationist views - in general, they advocate for the preservation, restoration, or enhancement of the ________.
EarthNatureEcologyNatural environment

Question 7: Others are eco-socialists, who combine ________, socialism and ecology with environmentalism to produce an anti-capitalist ideology that sees capitalism as the cause of environmental problems, social injustice and inequality.
MarxismDialecticDialectical materialismKarl Marx

Question 8: ________ (writer, philosopher)
Henry David ThoreauAnarchismIndividualist anarchismNoam Chomsky

Question 9: An environmentalist is engaged in or believes in the philosophy of ________.
EnvironmentalismPollutionNatural environmentEnvironmental history

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