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Environmental movement in the United States: Quiz


Question 1: Writer William Cronon criticizes the modern environmental movement for having a romantic idealizations of ________.
NatureWildernessEcosystemNatural environment

Question 2: Some campaigns have employed controversial tactics including sabotage, ________, and arson, while most use peaceful protests such as marches, tree-sitting, and the like.
Naval warfareMilitary historyBlockadeChemical warfare

Question 3: environmental laws, including the Clean Air Act and ________ and the formation of the US Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA in 1970.
Water pollutionStormwaterClean Water ActDischarge Monitoring Report

Question 4: Along with Muir perhaps most influential in the modern movement is ________ who published Walden in 1854.
AnarchismIndividualist anarchismNoam ChomskyHenry David Thoreau

Question 5: The environmental movement borrowed tactics from both the successful civil rights movement and the protests against the ________.
Korean WarCold WarVietnam WarCentral Intelligence Agency

Question 6: Within the environmental movement an ideological debate has taken place between those with an ecocentric view point and an ________ view point.

Question 7: Ehrlich's ________ all added anxiety about the environment.
Thomas Robert MalthusThe Skeptical EnvironmentalistThe Population BombOverpopulation

Question 8: That public support for environmental concerns was widespread became clear in the ________ demonstrations of 1970.
PhilippinesMadridEarth DayEnvironmentalism

Question 9: One was the publication of the first textbook on ________, Fundamentals of Ecology, by Eugene Odum and Howard Odum, in 1953.

Question 10: Similarly ________ has argued that the wilderness ethic leads people to dismiss areas whose wildness is less than absolute.
Michael PollanFood, Inc.The Omnivore's DilemmaBotany


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