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Environmental effects of nuclear power: Quiz


Question 1: Results for wind power, ________, solar thermal power, and solar photovoltaic, were 9-10 g/kWh, 10-13 g/kWh, 13 g/kWh and 32 g/kWh respectively.
Pumped-storage hydroelectricityGeothermal powerCoalHydroelectricity

Question 2: In Switzerland, the ________ provides heat to about 20,000 people.
Gösgen Nuclear Power PlantBeznau Nuclear Power PlantMühleberg Nuclear Power PlantLeibstadt Nuclear Power Plant

Question 3: Effluent emissions for ________ are regulated by 10 CFR 50.36(a)(2).
Pressurized water reactorNuclear power in the United StatesNuclear power debateNuclear reactor technology

Question 4: ________ is a radioactive isotope of Hydrogen that emits a low-energy beta particle and is usually measured in Becquerels per Liter (Bq/L).
TritiumNuclear fissionNuclear fusionNeutron

Question 5: Nuclear power produced 3.3 g/kWh of carbon dioxide, compared to 400 for natural gas and 700 for ________.
Wind powerGrid energy storageHydroelectricityCoal

Question 6: This can be compared to the country's goal to reduce ________ by 60 % by 2050.
Global warmingCarbon dioxideOzone depletionGreenhouse gas

Question 7: For comparison, the average person living at or above sea level receives at least 26 milli-rem from ________.
Cosmic rayX-rayNuclear fusionIonizing radiation

Question 8: As with any thermal power station, nuclear plants exchange 60 to 70% of their thermal energy by cycling with a body of water or by evaporating water through a ________.
CogenerationCooling towerCoalNuclear power

Question 9: The Turkey Point Nuclear Generating Station is credited with helping the conservation status of the ________, largely an effect of the waste heat produced.
Nile crocodileDwarf crocodileAmerican AlligatorAmerican crocodile

Question 10: [23] It is estimated that during 1982, US coal burning released 155 times as much radioactivity into the atmosphere as the ________ incident.
Braidwood Nuclear Generating StationByron Nuclear Generating StationThree Mile Island Nuclear Generating StationThree Mile Island accident


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