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Entity: Quiz


Question 1: ________, the study of being, existence and entities

Question 2: In ________, entity is a code snippet (ie: "®" for "Registered Trademark") which is interpreted by web browsers to display special characters.
Portable Document FormatOpenDocumentHTMLECMAScript

Question 3: An entity is something that has a distinct, separate ________, though it need not be a material existence.

Question 4: In ________, such sets are said to be abstract objects.
Political philosophyDavid HumeAristotlePhilosophy

Question 5: In ________, a legal entity is an entity that is capable of bearing legal rights and obligations, such as a natural person or an artificial person (e.g.
XeerShariaScots lawLaw

Question 6: It is also often used to refer to ________ and other spirits.

Question 7: See ________.
UnicodeList of XML and HTML character entity referencesAmpersandNumeric character reference

Question 8: Sometimes, the word entity is used in a general sense of a ________, whether or not the referent has material existence; e.g., is often referred to as an entity with no corporeal form, such as a language.

Question 9: In particular, ________ and legal fictions are usually regarded as entities.

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