Entertainment Software Rating Board: Quiz

Question 1:
What entity owns Entertainment Software Rating Board?
Funking Conservatory
Videogame Rating Council
Electronic Arts, Inc
Caledonian Leisure

Question 2: However, in the Canadian provinces of ________ and Ontario, their respective provincial governments classified Soldier of Fortune and Manhunt as motion pictures, and gave them "Restricted" ratings, restricting their sale to adults only.
QuebecBritish ColumbiaAlbertaPacific Northwest

Question 3: Hearings on video game violence and the corruption of society, headed by Joe Lieberman and ________ were held in late 1992 to 1993.
Dianne FeinsteinRuss FeingoldBarbara BoxerHerb Kohl

Question 4:
What area does Entertainment Software Rating Board serve?
United States
United States, Puerto Rico
United States and Canada.
Sweden and the United States of America

Question 5: Around this time, the ________ (VRC) was formed by Sega of America to rate mostly its own games.
Nonviolent video gameKonami JustifierNight TrapVideogame Rating Council

Question 6:
When was Entertainment Software Rating Board founded?
Royal Oak, Michigan, United States
Springfield, Missouri, United States
Detroit, Michigan, United States
1994 in Canada and United States

Question 7:
Who of the following is a key person at Entertainment Software Rating Board?
World President, Roland Kwemain
Warren East
Levy Cohen, CEO
Interactive Digital Software Association

Question 8:
What type of company is Entertainment Software Rating Board?
Non-profit, self-regulatory
Non Profit
Non-Profit 5013
501(c) Non-Profit Organization

Question 9: Critical Point is an eroge, and Riana Rouge has ________ in softcore sex scenes which leads some critics to believe that these games were rated AO because of sex, not violence.
Playboy PlaymateJenny McCarthyKaren McDougalAnna Nicole Smith

Question 10: The identities of the ESRB raters are kept confidential and selected randomly from a pool of full-time ESRB employees who live in the ________ area.
New York metropolitan areaBrooklynNew York CityManhattan

Source: The Full Wiki (http://quiz.thefullwiki.org/Entertainment_Software_Rating_Board)