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Question 1: In ________, an enterprise service bus (ESB) consists of a software architecture construct which provides fundamental services for complex architectures via an event-driven and standards-based messaging-engine (the bus).
Electrical engineeringComputingElectronic engineeringSoftware engineering

Question 2: Developers typically implement an ESB using technologies found in a category of middleware ________ products, usually based on recognized standards.
Civil engineeringRoadInfrastructureCanal

Question 3: An ESB does not itself implement a ________ (SOA) but provides the features with which one may implement such.
Programming paradigmObject-oriented programmingService-oriented architectureEvent-driven SOA

Question 4: In an ________ making use of an ESB, an application will communicate via the bus, which acts as a message broker between applications.
Systems engineeringEnterprise Architecture frameworkFunction modelEnterprise architecture

Question 5: For example, some SOA practitioners claim that ________ + WS-Addressing is the bus.
XMLSOAPScalable Vector GraphicsXHTML

Question 6: The ESB serves an analogous function at a higher level of ________.

Question 7: This promotes flexibility in the ________ and enables loose coupling and easy connection between services.
TCP/IP modelInternet Protocol SuiteTransmission Control ProtocolTransport Layer

Question 8: An ESB brings flow-related concepts such as transformation and ________ to a Service-Oriented Architecture.
Link-state routing protocolRouting protocolRoutingOpen Shortest Path First


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