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Enterococcus faecalis: Quiz


Question 1: Prior to 1984, enterococci were members of the genus ________: thus E. faecalis was known as Streptococcus faecalis.

Question 2: A, bacitracin susceptible: S. pyogenes (Scarlet fever, Erysipelas, ________, Streptococcal pharyngitis)
Tuberculous pericarditisSubacute bacterial endocarditisMyocarditisRheumatic fever

Question 3:
What classis does Enterococcus faecalis belong to?

Question 4:
What is the binomial of Enterococcus faecalis?
Psychotria forsteriana
Claoxylon australe
Enterococcus faecalis
Automolus infuscatus

Question 5:
What is the binomial authority of Enterococcus faecalis?
J.A. Siqueira & Leme
Vigors & Horsfield, 1827
Schleifer & Kilpper-Bu00E4lz 1984

Question 6: Resistance to ________ is also becoming more common.
ColistinDicloxacillinVancomycinPolymyxin B

Question 7: Cg+ S. aureus (Staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome, ________, MRSA)
DiphtheriaErysipelasToxic shock syndromeAnthrax

Question 8: E. faecalis can cause endocarditis, as well as bladder, ________, and epididymal infections; nervous system infections are less common.
Reproductive systemSeminal vesicleProstatePenis

Question 9: Enterococcus faecalis – formerly classified as part of the Group D ________ system – is a Gram-positive commensal bacterium inhabiting the gastrointestinal tracts of humans and other mammals.

Question 10: E. faecalis is resistant to many commonly used antimicrobial agents (________, aztreonam, cephalosporins, clindamycin, the semi-synthetic penicillins nafcillin and oxacillin, and trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole).


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