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Question 1: On 18 May 1869, the Republic of Ezo collapsed, and Hokkaidō came under the rule of the central government headed by the ________.
HirohitoEmperor KōmeiEmperor MeijiAkihito

Question 2: In 1874, Enomoto was given the rank of vice-admiral in the fledgling ________.
Shōwa periodImperial Japanese NavyImperial Japanese ArmyMeiji period

Question 3: In 1891, he established - against the will of the cabinet of ________ - a 'section for emigration' in the Foreign Ministry, with the task of encouraging emigration and finding new potential territories for Japanese settlement overseas.
Matsukata MasayoshiKatsura TarōYamagata AritomoKuroda Kiyotaka

Question 4: However, the leaders of the new ________ (largely at the insistence of Kuroda Kiyotaka) pardoned Enomoto in 1872, realizing that his various talents and accumulated knowledge could be of use.
Government of Meiji JapanMeiji periodBoshin WarJapan

Question 5: On 25 December, the Tokugawa loyalists declared the foundation of the ________ and elected Enomoto as president.
BakumatsuRepublic of EzoBoshin WarBattle of Hakodate

Question 6: In 1885, his diplomatic skills were again called upon to assisting ________ in concluding the Convention of Tientsin with Qing China.
Tanaka GiichiSaionji KinmochiItō HirobumiTerauchi Masatake

Question 7: Enomoto was especially active in promoting Japanese emigration through settler colonies in the Pacific Ocean and South and ________.
Americas (terminology)AmericasNorth AmericaCentral America

Question 8: At the age of 26, Enomoto was sent to the ________ to study western techniques in naval warfare and to procure western technologies.

Question 9: Enomoto returned to Japan onboard the ________ Kaiyō Maru, a steam warship purchased from the Netherlands by the Shogunal government.
Ironclad warshipBattleshipDreadnoughtPre-dreadnought battleship

Question 10: Enomoto was born as a member of a samurai retainer family of the Tokugawa clan in the Shitaya district of ________ (modern Taito, Tokyo).
EdoEdo periodUkiyoEmperor Meiji


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