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Enneagram of Personality: Quiz


Question 1: Ichazo, from the 1950s, taught a program of self-development work that he calls "________" which uses the enneagram figure among many other symbols and ideas.
Santiago, ChileOscar IchazoArica SchoolG. I. Gurdjieff

Question 2: ________, a Chilean-born, American-trained psychiatrist who extensively explored the theories of personality, studied with Ichazo in Chile.
IbogaineClaudio NaranjoHarmalineMDMA

Question 3: The Enneagram of Personality is being applied in many varied fields including business, ________, organizational development, career coaching, the arts, health care, parenting, education, and spiritual growth.
Cognitive behavioral therapyFamily therapyIntegrative psychotherapyPsychotherapy

Question 4: They are also often given names that suggest some of their more distinctive ________ characteristics.
SuperheroArchetypeThe TempestLiterature

Question 5: Ichazo founded the ________ which was originally based in Chile.
Arica SchoolSantiago, ChileG. I. GurdjieffOscar Ichazo

Question 6: The enneagram figure is usually composed of three parts, a circle, an inner triangle and a ________ "periodic figure".
HexagonOctagonPolygonRegular polygon


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