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Enlightenment Spain: Quiz


Question 1: In response to the constitution, France temporarily annexed ________.
Vallès OccidentalCataloniaSpainBarcelona

Question 2: His chief interest upon his arrival in Spain (he had grown up in ________) was hunting, and for all of his rule, his policies were dominated by the will of his wife.

Question 3: Ten years of difficult fighting in ________, Italy, Iberia, the Low Countries, and even the New World (where it became known as Queen Anne's War) followed.

Question 4: The invasion of ________ thereafter prompted the formation of the Quadruple Alliance of Britain, France, Austria, and the Netherlands to oppose Philip's ambitions.

Question 5: His queen and her lover were uninterested in the improvement of the Spanish bureaucracy and regarded Floridablanca as an exponent of the very sort of ________ that was tearing France apart.
Classical liberalismIsaiah BerlinLiberalismDemocracy

Question 6: The constitution - Spain's first - provided for freedom of speech, ________, and universal manhood suffrage.
Freedom of associationFreedom of assemblyLibertyFreedom of religion

Question 7: Seven months later, French revolutionaries stormed the ________, launching the French Revolution.
BastilleGilbert du Motier, marquis de LafayettePlace de la BastilleParis

Question 8: The system had grown long obsolete, and a growing population (Spain's population would increase from eight to twelve million between 1700 and the ________) had put great pressure on the government to reform.
National ConventionFrench RevolutionNational Constituent AssemblyFrench Directory

Question 9: Like neighboring ________, Spain's antiquated bureaucracy had grown dependent on the income and production from its colonies to support an unmanageably large class of landowning, nonproductive gentlemen and clergy.
PortugalGreeceEast TimorMaldives

Question 10: Charles, who advocated a radical policy and rapid modernization of the country, expelled the Jesuit Order from Spain completely in 1767 (see ________).
Suppression of the Society of JesusSociety of JesusPope Clement XIVIgnatius of Loyola

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