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Enguerrand VII, Lord of Coucy: Quiz


Question 1: Coucy first became involved in the war against England at the age of fifteen, serving among the barons of Picardy in the battalion of Moreau de Fiennes, a future ________.
Marshal of FranceJózef Antoni PoniatowskiJoachim MuratJean-de-Dieu Soult

Question 2: Coucy received, as part of the marriage settlement, the restoration of former Coucy lands in Yorkshire, Lancaster, ________ and Cumberland, England.
Local Government Act 1972Local Government Act 1888CumbriaWestmorland

Question 3: The ________ is known as the Château de Coucy and is considered a spectacular architectural achievement for its time.
KeepHill fortFortificationCastle

Question 4: His mother, Katharina von Habsburg of Austria, died in 1348 or 1349 during a wave of the ________.
PandemicPlague (disease)Black Death migrationBlack Death

Question 5: He fought in the ________ on 28 September 1396, where he was taken prisoner.
Battle of NicopolisBattle of MohácsBattle of ViennaBattle of Varna

Question 6: During a subsequent visit to England with his new family, Coucy was named the Earl of Bedford and was inducted into the ________.
Order of the ThistleOrder of the GarterOrder of the BathOrder of St. Patrick

Question 7: In 1358, at the age of eighteen, Coucy acted as a leader during the suppression of the peasant revolt known as the ________.
ChevauchéeGuillaume CaleJacquerieHundred Years' War

Question 8: The famous castle was renovated by ________ in the 19th century.
Eugène Viollet-le-DucGothic Revival architectureFranceParis

Question 9: His death was due to an outbreak of the ________ among the Turks.
CholeraBrucellosisBubonic plaguePlague (disease)

Question 10: 1378 Normandy campaign, ________ (HYW)
Hundred Years' WarHundred Years' War (1337–1360)Hundred Years' War (1415–1429)Angevin Empire


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