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Question 1: Patterns of dots were also used in a technique called stippling, first used around 1505 by ________.
Old master printTitianGiulio CampagnolaAlbrecht Dürer

Question 2: Before the advent of photography, engraving was used to reproduce other forms of ________, for example paintings.

Question 3: Other terms often used for printed engravings are copper engraving, copper-plate engraving or ________.
DrawingLine engravingPrintmakingOld master print

Question 4: ________ (1746-1828)
Eugène DelacroixWilliam BlakeFrancisco GoyaCaspar David Friedrich

Question 5: From this grew the engraving of copper printing plates to produce artistic images on paper, known as ________ in Germany in the 1430s.
Old master printAlbrecht DürerPeter Paul RubensPrintmaking

Question 6: The modern discipline of ________, as it is called in a metalworking context, survives largely in a few specialized fields.

Question 7: Traditional engraving, by burin or with the use of machines, continues to be practiced by goldsmiths, glass engravers, ________ and others, while modern industrial techniques such as photoengraving and laser engraving have many important applications.
ChiselFile (tool)MetalworkingGunsmith

Question 8: Another application of modern engraving is found in the ________ industry.
Movable typeBookPrinting pressPrinting

Question 9: ________ (active c.1505-1515)
Giulio CampagnolaTitianOld master printAlbrecht Dürer

Question 10: In most industrial uses like production of intaglio plates for commercial applications, hand engraving has been replaced with milling using CNC engraving or ________.
Lathe (metal)LatheDrill bitMilling machine

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