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Question 1: Gems were mostly cut by using abrasive powder from harder stones in conjunction with a hand-drill, probably often set in a ________.
Machine toolDrill bitLatheAngle grinder

Question 2: An engraved gem is a small ________, usually semi-precious,[1] that has been carved, in the Western tradition normally with images or inscriptions only on one face.

Question 3: [12] The Romans invented cameo glass, best known from the ________, as a cheaper material for cameos, and one that allowed consistent and predictable layers on even round objects.
Paris (mythology)British MuseumPortland VaseAugustus

Question 4: [20] Another of Lorenzo's gems supplied, probably via a drawing by ________, a pose used by Raphael.
RomeLuca SignorelliLeonardo da VinciPietro Perugino

Question 5: In the Roman Imperial period, portraits of the imperial family were often produced for the court circle, and many of these have survived, especially a number of spectacular cameos from the time of ________.
Roman EmperorTiberiusDomitianAugustus

Question 6: [29] The identity and interpretation of figures in the ________ remains unclear.
Gemma AugusteaEngraved gemConstantine IAugustus

Question 7: One of the best collections of such vessels, though mostly plain without carved decoration, was looted from Constantinople in the Fourth Crusade, and is in the Treasury of the ________ in Venice.
Grand Canal (Venice)St Mark's BasilicaSanta Maria della SaluteChurch of San Giorgio Maggiore

Question 8: The large ________ appeared in in 1246 in the treasury of the Basilique St-Sernin, Toulouse.
Engraved gemAugustusConstantine IGemma Augustea

Question 9: A number of gems from the same period contain scenes apparently from the lost epic on the Sack of Troy, of which the finest is by Dioskurides (________).
Chatsworth HouseDerwent Valley MillsHardwick HallDovedale

Question 10: According to Pliny, Pyrgoteles was the only artist allowed to carve gems for the seal rings of ________.
Seleucid EmpireAlexander the GreatMacedonia (ancient kingdom)Ptolemaic Kingdom


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