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Question 1:
What was Alan Rickman's birth name?
John Sidney Blythe Barrymore Jr.
James Sidney Ensor
Alan Sidney Patrick Rickman
Gary Alan Seear

Question 2: They had a noticeable impact on the ________: many English words, such as dream, take, they and them are of Old Norse origin,[38] and place names that end in -thwaite and -by are Scandinavian in origin.
English languageAmerican EnglishCanadaSouth Africa

Question 3:
What was John Lennon's birth name?
Lee Alistair Wright
John Winston Lennon
Eva Pettersson
Donald Joseph Klang

Question 4:
Which of the following genres does David Bowie produce?

Question 5: A rise in English self-consciousness has resulted, with increased use of the ________.
Flag of ScotlandFlag of WalesFlag of EnglandFlag of the United Kingdom

Question 6:
What is the metropolitican population of English people?
90,000,000 worldwide

Question 7:
Who was the successor of Elizabeth I of England?

Question 8:
When was John Cleese born?

Question 9:
What is Edward VI of England also known as?
u054Fu0580u0564u0561u057F u0531 ; Trdat I ; Drtad I
Edward I of Ireland
Dyke, Sybil I. LB
Poblet i Orriols, Miquel

Question 10:
What is the population of English people?
44,202 - 281,895

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