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Question 1: It is also one of the 11 official languages that are given equal status in South Africa (________).
South African EnglishIndian EnglishAmerican EnglishEnglish language

Question 2:
Which of the following titles did English language have?
Journal of Child Language
M.A.N.D.Y vs. Booka Shade - Body Language
Articles Related to Languages of the European Union
Articles Related to the English language

Question 3: English is a West Germanic language that developed in ________ and south-eastern Scotland during the Anglo-Saxon era.
EnglandUnited KingdomBritish peopleWales

Question 4: There is also a tunnelspeak for use in the ________.
High Speed 1Channel TunnelEurostarTGV

Question 5: [11][12] It is used extensively as a second language and as an official language in the ________ and many Commonwealth countries, as well as many international organisations.
European UnionGermanyEuropean ParliamentDenmark

Question 6: These should not be confused with true sign languages such as British Sign Language and ________ used in Anglophone countries, which are independent and not based on English.
American Sign LanguageSingaporeCanadaMadagascar

Question 7: After the time of the Norman conquest, Old English developed into Middle English, borrowing heavily from the Norman, and later on the ________ and Anglo-French, vocabulary and spelling conventions.
Anglo-NormanHeptarchyEnglish peopleGlorious Revolution

Question 8: Hence we exclude all words that had become obsolete by 1150 [the end of the ________ era]...
Middle EnglishOld EnglishGreat Vowel ShiftMiddle High German

Question 9: Ogden said that it would take seven years to learn English, seven months for ________, and seven weeks for Basic English.
EsperantidoEsperanto grammarEsperantoReformed Esperanto

Question 10: [24] Although the most significant changes in dialect occurred after the Norman invasion of 1066, the language retained its name and the pre-Norman invasion dialect is now known as ________.
Middle EnglishOld EnglishMiddle High GermanGreat Vowel Shift

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